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Since Danner pumps are now available elsewhere cheaper than my cost, I'm taking them off the site, but we will still have them. I am going to try to put the difficult to find items up for online ordering. The ones that are less common, and fewer places carry them. Parts are at the top of the list, weighs less to ship, less room to store, less inventory cost to hold it. The new book is taking up too much time, but it's going to be a doozy - how to have a clear pond without much algae without buying any algaecides! Finally the research is done.
Call us at 817-293-1782 if you have any questions. Thank you.

Green water, string algae, cyanobacteria algae research is here. See the algae page for more info.

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The Algae Zone Photos, information and supplies related to algae. Air Stones * Pond Maintenance Supplies Fishless Cycling, Bacteria supplements, 'Nitrite' Cures.

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magdrivepumpPondmaster pond pumps by Danner
Warranty now 5 years on pump, 1 year on magnetic impeller. 18 foot power cord, wattage refers to power consumption. Danner Mag Drive pumps offer excellent quality, energy efficiency, a sturdy pump we've been installing since 2000 because they are built to last. These are now going to be special order items, local customers give me a call and check current pricing. . All PondMag pumps come with a 2 part plastic 'fine' prefilter, except the PondMag 24 which features a sturdy wide slotted prefilter.

How do you know if your impeller is out? If the pump hums when plugged in, but very little water comes out, or none, intermittently. (a broken impeller will occasionally work if pump is bumped up against pond edge a couple of times.) If the pump does not vibrate at all when it is plugged in, check power in your outlet with another device or circuit tester.
We also have access to the Pump cover-volute that covers the impeller in these pumps, and the rigid prefilters for Mag 9.5 and larger. Email your inquiry.

  • 1672 Impeller for Pond Mag 3 or 5 Danner
    Price: $16.00.
  • 1656 Impeller for Pond Mag 7 Danner
    Price: $16.00.
Other Pondmaster items:

If you don't see it, drop us an email or give us a call. 817-293-1782.

  • 1655 Impeller for Pond Mag 9.5 Danner
    Price: $25.00.
  • 1657 Impeller for Pond Mag 12 Danner
    Price: $25.00.
  • 1658 Impeller for Pond Mag 18 Danner
    Price: $37.00.

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Fritz Chlorine / Chloramine Remover, 16 oz removes Chlorine from about 9600 gallons of water in most supplies. 1 teaspoon treats 100 gallons. Product of Texas. More Info
Made in USA

16 oz. $14.50

As ponds have changed and filters have changed, media has also changed. Call or drop an email for help choosing appropriate media for your pond filter. Email your inquiry.
Qty 1518
Pond Food pellets 14oz, Ginger, 35% protein
Price: $8.00

Qty 1669
Pond Food pellets 3 lb 8 oz, Ginger, 35% protein
Price: $18.00
AM10SW Airmax Shallow Water Aeration System For pond up to 1/4 acre @ 6 ft deep. Includes 2 - Pro-Air self weighted diffuser plates; Silent Air composite cabinet with cooling fan; High efficiency SilentAir compressor with a 2 outlet manifold assembly; All Necessary Fittings. 3 year warranty.
Price: $999.98.
Smaller and Larger Aerators available. Email your inquiry.
2400VFX Kasco 2400 VFX with 100 ft cord, Floating Fountain Aeration System 1/2 HP. For ponds up to 1/2 acre, Minimum depth 18 inches, easy assembly, 2 - 50 ft guide ropes included. Electric, 120 AC. Control Box, 2 year warranty.
Price: $1225.00
Larger Fountains and Light Kits available. Email your inquiry.
  • 1673 Crypto-Pro Ich MedicineTreats old and new types of ich on marine and freshwater species of fish. 20 gm jar. Treats 715 gallons of water one time. Safe for sharks, eels, and other scaleless fish. Also treats true hexamita.
    Price: $14.00.
  • 1676 W-Paracide-X for internal fish parasites Internal parasites of fish, mix with food, feed for 2 weeks. 1 teaspoon per pound of food. Works on koi, internal worms, camallanus worms, tape worms.
    Price: $21.00.
Everything Fishy's Ultimate Stone Sealant - Now known as X3 - check the Wholesale pond supply page. We are the Texas distributor, and there is no markup for retail. Stop feeding your algae. We offer application services for sealants, Email your inquiry.

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