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Online aquarium articles on diseases, medicines, cycling, algae problems, aquarium problems.

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Articles written for their usefulness:
Algae Information and Research for ponds and aquariums
Aquarium decorating ideas and photos.
Aquarium Information and Services.
Articles on Cycling, New Tanks and Old Tanks
Articles and Notes on Quarantine, Disease, Common Questions (from emails)
Disease information: Choosing the Right Medicine
Links to other aquarium sites.
Pond Information and Services.
Pond Design Ideas and Information.
Pond Design Ideas and Photos.
Articles written for my pleasure, to share great hobby photos I've had the luck to catch.
Anemone addicts anonymous; The Ethics and joys of marine fishkeeping; marine and anemone photos and information.
Cat and dog tips & rescue. Health tips, great products I can't stock, not being a vet. I rescue dogs and cats, as space permits, so my local rogue's gallery over time needs a spot on the site. As well as worthwhile pet charities, for people inclined to click to feed, or looking to rescue a pet that needs a home.

Monthly maintenance on your freshwater tank, or bi-weekly maintenance on your marine tank, will help to keep it, and your fish, healthy and attractive. We accept special orders for supplies, and if they pass our testing standards, will stock them on a regular basis.

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